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About Conveyor Ventures

Profit First,

Acceleration Next

There are thousands of companies formed each year and an ever-increasing number of investors searching for the next big thing. Despite the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors, and the capital invested, success rates of new companies remains the same. We believe this needs to change.


Our goal is to help entrepreneurs create healthy, self-sufficient businesses.


We focus on connecting founders with resources to help them reach their potential.

Investment Criteria

We believe entrepreneurs who build profitable businesses first and create the best relationships win in the long run. We actively search for seed and early stage companies who want Conveyor to be their first institutional investor. We also look for:

Middle Market Relevancy

Relative size provides flexibility needed to adapt to disruption and be catalysts

Technology Enabled

New technology applied to established business or incumbent solutions 

Prioritize Profitability

Companies who identify a quick plan to profitability, then growth

Embrace our Support

Collaboration circles, administrative support, staged capital and structured support

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