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Joe M. Rife PhD

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Activities &  Active Projects
Clean Tech Open, Dynamo MicroPower, Instructor: MIT Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Rife is the former Director of the MechE Alliance Program (MAP) at MIT, a community of alumni and students where mechanical engineers make connections, share knowledge, and build meaningful relationships across technologies and generations. Dr. Rife coaches members of startup companies on business strategy, operations, and product development as Executive in Residence at Greentown Labs. He is a Director of the educational organization Greentown Learn and advisory board member and executive coach to several startups. An expert in engine technology, enterprise software, distribution, supply chain and management of early-stage business organizations, he brings extensive corporate and academic experience including Executive Director of MIT Sloan Automotive Laboratories and Founder/President of Business/ERP Consulting company, GENEVA Group, Inc.
BS, Mechanical Engineering
MS, Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Mechanical Engineering
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